Monday, November 22, 2010

Letter from Council of Europe Paliamentary Assembly Member on Excessive use of force against Belgian Demonstrators

Parliamentary Assembly Assemblee parlementaire
Council of Europe * Counseil de L'Europe

Doc. 12433
5 November 2010

Excessive use of force against Belgian demonstrators

Written question no 590 to the Committee of Ministers
presented by Mr Lindblad

According to the Human Rights League and Amnesty International, among others, the Belgian police used excessive  force  and  illegal  methods  against  peaceful  demonstrators  representing  the  No  Border  Camp movement on their way to an authorised demonstration on 1 October 2010. Reportedly, at least 500 mostly ‘preventive’ arrests took place, and 14 people were seriously injured.
Whereas the alleged vandalism that some members of the No Border Camp movement had used against the offices  of  Frontex,  IOM  and  a  number  of  police  precincts  on  previous  days  is  to  be  condemned, there  is serious reason for concern for the curtailment of the right to assembly and the right to free speech as well as for  the  violence  that  the  Belgian  law  enforcement  authorities  allegedly  resorted  to  against  peaceful demonstrators.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Story Continues to Spread Virally...

Pluto Press: The unimaginable: My night of violence at the hands of the Belgian police

Pluto author arrested and tortured in Belgium The Unimaginable: My Night of Violence at the Hands of the Belgian Police
Marianne Maeckelbergh, assistant professor at Leiden University went through .... Marianne Maeckelbergh is anthropologist, Leiden University, author of The Will of the Many...

Donate to Support the Arrestees!

Financial contributions can be given at lokaal Arcata or can be transferred to account number 000 - 3244460-04. The IBAN is BE10000324446004
And the BIC BPOTBEB1 (Bank Van De Post.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

4 Remaining Prisoners Released, Now for Legal Battle

On Friday, October 22nd, the last four prisoners were released.  Now we need to focus on raising money to defend the arrestees against criminal charges and to sue the pants off the cops for their abusive and repressive behavior.  In the next few days we'll be posting details on where you can contribute funds to support the legal effort and ideas on how you can help fundraise to support this battle against police brutality and the repression of activists and academics.

World Council of Anthropological Associations Protests Maltreatment of Marianne Maekelbergh

The World Council of Anthropological Associations has expressed concern at the maltreatment of Dr. Marianne Maeckelbergh by Belgian police. 

Frank de Bakker's Blog: Dangerous research…

Dangerous research…

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Studying activism can be fairly dangerous and not just in rogue states but also in a country such as Belgium. Marianne Maeckelbergh, an assistant professor from Leyden University in the Netherlands focuses on the anthropology of globalization, democracy and social movements. She published a book on the Alterglobalisation movement and aimed to conduct fieldwork in Brussels, studying the last days of the No Borders Camp, a bi-annual meeting of the No Borders Network. As she writes at Mondiaal Nieuws:

Spectrezine: Marianne Maeckelbergh - Thanks

Marianne Maeckelbergh - Thanks

Social activist and writer Marianne Maeckelbergh and her publishers Pluto Press have expressed their thanks to all who responded to their call for action about the horrific actions of the Belgian police during the No Border camp in Brussels last month. A spokesperson for Pluto said that they have "unsurprisingly, yet to hear back from the Belgian ambassador in London." They ask anyone who has received a reply from the Belgian ambassador to their country to let them know. Write to Pluto at this email -

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

De Wereld Morgen: Pictures: Demonstrate for the right to demonstrate

Pictures: Demonstrate for the right to demonstrate

De Wereld Morgen: Demonstration as a result of the police violence during the No Border Camp (Translated)

Anja Hermans

 The blog of Anja Hermans

Demonstration as a result of the police violence during the No Border Camp.

(Original Dutch here - thanks to Ann Bynens for another wonderful translation!)

Today, October 16th 2010 a demonstration was held at the Hallepoort in Brussels as a result of the police violence during the Border Camp.

The demonstration in which about 700 people participated, was peaceful, (read: today the police did not beat up any activists) but with a clear message: the police violence from September 25th until October 2nd is intolerable! Hundreds of arrested people were being mistreated (physically and mentally) and/or sexually intimidated,...

Translated Excerpts of a Statement by No Border Camp Organizers

Thanks to Ann Bynens for translating this!

The terror of the state and its police wants to silence the revolt.

To cry out our solidarity
To demand their liberation