Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Translated Excerpts of a Statement by No Border Camp Organizers

Thanks to Ann Bynens for translating this!

The terror of the state and its police wants to silence the revolt.

To cry out our solidarity
To demand their liberation

The No Border Camp of September 25th until October 3rd was rich in meetings, discoveries, actions…
But also rich in extremely violent repression.
The police attacked people who looked “different” or of whom they suspected they had something to do with the No Border Camp.
We were submitted to systematic identity controls, (body) searches, preventative arrests, mass and random power abuse, sexual intimidation, teargas and pepper spray, people were beaten up at the police station.

More than 500 activists were arrested, there were a couple of dozens injured. The worst incidents happened at the police stations: women were sexually intimidated, threatened to be raped and tortured to obtain personal information.

The police actions against the participants of the No Border Camp are a new step towards a heavily repressive system against movements which dare to question the state, of which the generalization of “preventative” arrests is a typical example.

Today, four of our friends are still in jail, being accused of having thrown stones against the façade of the police station. They are locked up in the prison of Forest. Two of them have been released by the “Raadkamer” last Wednesday. However, the solicitor has filed for appeal, so they are still in prison. The other two still have to face the judge.

We urgently need to support our friends against this blind repression.

To cry out our solidarity
To demand their liberation

For a broader mobilization, but also to engage in this fight juridical and in the media, we appeal to all people who are interested to ACTIVELY express their support,

A lot of associations and organizations are beginning to react against the severe incidents of the past couple of weeks, and we can only appreciate that. But we ask that all participants come in their own name.


If you still want to press charges or want to testify to what happened:


  1. I do not agree with all of your ideas, but I do agree that Belgium has the worst judicial system and corrupt police force at least in Europe.

    The police are completely unaccountable, other than to a "Judge of Investigation" supposedly to bring balance to investigations but in reality is an extension of the corrupt police themselves.

    Belgium is a beautiful country with disgusting police and politicians. The EU should move its hub away from this terrible country.

  2. Its not just attitudes to activists its across the board. There is no concept of justice in Belgium, small minded corrupt cops and Judges knowing that the maximum penalty for a false imprisonment is 20 Euro per day.

    You should also note that there has NEVER been a successful prosecution against the Belgium police which in legal circles is because "this would set a precedent which could half the prison population" - WELL I SAY SO BE IT!

    The police need to be shown that they do have rules to abide by too! Just to bring a successful case for false arrest would be something big for human rights in Europe!

    For those of you who dont know about this stuff, in the UK these cases are successfully brought literally every week. Not saying the UK police are great, but at least they are accountable.



    2. lets be honest, shitty country, shitty police, shitty judges, shitty people...